Baroness Detta O’Cathain OBE

How did you come to faith in Christ?

I was brought up in a Christian family and educated at a Catholic Boarding school run by a French order of Catholic nuns, learning the Gospels by rote (but if they were explained to me I must have been day dreaming at the time).  Going to church was something ‘one did’ although, doubtless some of it rubbed off.  When I came to the UK and married my late husband we both attended church on a fairly regular basis but never gave it much thought.  I came to faith in Christ through a series of ‘chance’ meetings with friends and with invitation to go to St Helen’s in Bishopsgate for the Tuesday Bible study.  That was it!  And 24 years later I am still reading the Bible every day, studying it and praying, placing my trust in the Lord to give me wisdom and strength to Love my Neighbour!

Why should Christians get involved in politics?

I believe that involvement in politics is a good way to find out what really is necessary ‘to love my neighbour’ and to do something about it.  By involvement in scrutinising legislation, producing or supporting amendments to Bills, I try to improve the proposed legislation for everyone.  I believe that too often we do not think of the individual but just of large sections of the population like ‘the pensioners’, ‘the young unemployed’.  We need to be sensitive of the huge need for kindness and concern and in doing so hope to improve lives.   When asked why I take a certain line on issues I do quote the Second Commandment and hope (probably against hope) to spread the ‘good news’ – and explain why.  Perhaps I might spread ‘the good news’ in time!  I do make it clear that for me it is a guarantee of eternal peace!!!

How does your Christian faith make a difference to your work in Parliament?

I do pray that God may give me wisdom to the right thing – even though it can be tough.  Of course I make many mistakes but I hope that with God’s grace, everlasting love and kindness I am enabled to use my experience and expertise to effect an improvement in proposed legislation which will improve life in this country and elsewhere.  Faith is a great motivator.

Baroness O’Cathain OBE is a Conservative Peer in the House of Lords.