God at work in the mess

8 September 2020 1:05pm: Rotten raw materials (Genesis 37-38)
15 September 2020 1:05pm: What a difference God makes (Genesis 39-40)
22 September 2020 1:05pm: Blessed and blessing (Genesis 41)
29 September 2020 1:05pm: Brothers reunited I (Genesis 42-43)
6 October 2020 1:05pm: Brothers reunited II (Genesis 44:1-45:15)
13 October 2020 1:05pm: Family excursion (Genesis 45:16-46:27)
20 October 2020 1:05pm: National salvation (Genesis 46:28-47:31)
27 October 2020 1:05pm: NO SERVICE
3 November 2020 1:05pm: Surprising blessing (Genesis 48:1-49:28)
10 November 2020 1:05pm: God’s good goal (Genesis 49:29-50:26)
Location: Online

A series of online Tuesday lunchtime services via video-conferencing. The services last from 1:05pm to 1:40pm and include hymns, prayers, a Bible reading and short talk.

All Members and staff are very welcome at these services, regardless of faith.

For details of how to join the video call, please email alisonm.hill@parliament.uk


Rotten raw materials (Genesis 37-38)

What a difference God makes (Genesis 39-40)

Blessed and blessing (Genesis 41)

Brothers Reunited I (Genesis 42-43)

Brothers Reunited II (Genesis 44:1-45:15)

Family excursion (Genesis 45:16-46:27)

National salvation (Genesis 46:28-47:31)

Surprising blessing (Genesis 48:1-49:28)

God’s good goal (Genesis 49:29-50:26)