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Gary Streeter

Gary Streeter is the Chair of Christians in Parliament and is the Conservative MP for South West Devon. Gary has been a Member of Parliament since 1992, served as a Minister in John Major's Government and has specialised in International Development. He is committed to supporting Christians across all parties in living out their faith in their work in Parliament.

Tim Farron

Tim Farron is a Vice-Chair of Christians in Parliament and the Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party since July 2015. He has been the Liberal Democrat MP for Westmorland & Lonsdale since 2005 and previously served as Party President from 2010-2014. He was the Chair of the 2013 National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, which had as its theme 'Belief in God in 21st Century Britain'.

Gavin Shuker

Gavin Shuker is a Vice-Chair of Christians in Parliament and has been the Labour MP for Luton South since 2010. He has previously served as Shadow International Development Minister and chairs the APPG on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade. Prior to becoming elected, Gavin worked in his local community, employed by a local church.

Jeffrey Donaldson

Jeffrey Donaldson is a Vice-Chair of Christians in Parliament and has been the Democratic Unionist Party member for Lagan Valley since 1997. He currently serves as the Shadow DUP Spokesperson for defence and business issues, as well as Parliamentary Chief Whip for the DUP. He is also a member of the UK Delegation to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly.

Ian Blackford

Ian Blackford is the SNP MP for Ross, Skye & Lochaber having been elected for the first time in 2015 and is the SNP spokesperson for pensions. Ian lives in the Isle of Skye having previously had a career in finance and business. Together with his wife Ann they run a small croft in the north end of Skye. Ian is a member of the Free Church of Scotland.

Baroness Sherlock

Maeve Sherlock is a Vice-Chair of Christians in Parliament, is a Shadow Work and Pensions Minister and has been a Labour Peer since June 2010. She was previously Chief Executive of the British Refugee Council and served as a special adviser to Gordon Brown as Chancellor of the Exchequer. She has been a commissioner of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, is currently a non-executive director of the Financial Ombudsman Service and is also working on a doctorate in Theology at the University of Durham.

Baroness Brinton

Sal Brinton is a Vice-Chair of Christians in Parliament and has been a Liberal Democrat Peer since February 2011. She was elected as President of the Liberal Democrat Party in December 2014. Prior to being in Parliament, she worked in the education sector for twenty years, including as Bursar for two Cambridge University colleges, and was the Director of the Association of the Universities in the East of England. She has also worked in television and venture capital investment.

Lord Curry

Don Curry sits as a Crossbench Peer in the House of Lords and is a Member of the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee. He lives in Northumberland and since January 2010 he has been Chair of the Better Regulations Executive (BRE), based in BIS. He chaired the Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food reporting to Government in January 2002 and was responsible for overseeing the Government’s Strategy for Sustainable Farming and Food until March 2009. In 2004 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate (BSc) by Cranfield University, an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Gloucestershire in 2005 and a Doctorate of Civil Law by Newcastle University in 2008.

Lord Farmer

Michael Farmer is a Vice-Chair of Christians in Parliament and has been a Conservative Peer since October 2014. He is the founding partner for the Red Kite Group of hedge funds and sponsor governor for the ARK academy school All Saints Camberwell. To date his interests in the Lords have lain in family policy, welfare reform and the persecution of Christians abroad.

Rose Hudson-Wilkin

Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, 79th Speaker's Chaplain, is a familiar figure around the Parliamentary Estate. Her role includes leading the prayers in the House of Commons Chamber every day when the House is sitting, officiating at the Wednesday Holy Communions, and providing pastoral responsibility for Members and Staff of both Houses. She is also available to discuss wedding and baptisms, or any pastoral matter.

Pat Browne

Canon Pat Browne is the Parliamentary Roman Catholic Duty Priest and his ministry is to Members of Parliament, Peers, their families and the Staff of the Palace of Westminster. He takes Mass every Wednesday at 6pm in the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft and is also available for Confession or a chat.

Mark Harris

Mark Harris is the Senior Parliamentary Officer for Christians in Parliament. In support of the Speaker’s Chaplain, his role is to support all Members and staff in their work, through 1-1 meetings, Bible study groups, chapel services, written resources and events that examine the personal and public relevance of the Christian Faith. Mark holds Masters degrees in Theology from the University of Oxford and in Philosophy from King’s College London and is currently training for ordination in the Church of England.

James Lee

James Lee works as Parliamentary Officer for Christians in Parliament alongside Mark Harris. His role includes: supporting the work of the Senior Parliamentary Officer in the organisation of events (including the annual National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast), providing administrative support, including maintaining the Christians in Parliament website, undertaking research projects from a theological and biblical perspective and seeking to promote teaching and fellowship for all who work in the Palace of Westminster, in support of The Speaker's Chaplain.

Claire Newman

Claire Newman is a Parliamentary Officer for Christians in Parliament. Her role includes: managing the Christians in Parliament events programme and the National Parliamentary Prayer breakfast, meeting with Members and Staff 1-1, leading small group Bible study & fellowship groups and developing briefings for Members from a theological and biblical perspective. Outside of Parliament, Claire works as an independent organisational development consultant and executive coach and trained as a Bible teacher on the Cornhill Ministry Training Programme. Prior to this, Claire worked in both the private and not-for profit sectors, most recently as Director of Internal Communications for Save the Children International.