2020 Programme

National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast 2020

Serving the Common Good

The 2020 National Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast will take place on Tuesday 23rd June, with the main Prayer Breakfast programme starting at 7.30am and finishing at 9.00am. There is then a full programme of seminars, which take place between 9.15am and 10.15am, as well as the option of going on a tour of the Palace of Westminster. The chair of the breakfast this year is Andrew Selous MP. Our main speaker this year is Revd Les Isaac OBE, founder of Street Pastors and CEO of Ascension Trust, who will address the theme of ‘Serving the Common Good’.

Please find an outline of the full programme below:

Tuesday 23rd June

6.30am – Doors open

7.30am – Main Prayer Breakfast programme begins in Westminster Hall

9.00am – End of main Prayer Breakfast programme

9.15am – Seminars and tour:

Shining a light on the state of faith in England and Wales today – Bible Society

Have we overestimated the hostility towards faith in society and underestimated the Bible as a tool for mission? Bible Society and YouGov went to over 20,000 people to find out what they thought about Christianity, the Bible and faith. Come and hear the findings of this ground-breaking survey and access new resource to help you better understand your local community.

What about families? – CARE

If we want a strong and cohesive society, we need to focus on families. CARE believes that strong families benefit everyone, which in turn contributes to the common good. But family breakdown is at epidemic levels. So, what needs to be done? Is there even the political will to address the huge challenges families are facing? In our seminar, we hope to set out a bold and positive vision for how families can be better supported. It’s time to join dots and start putting families first.

Is climate change driving inequality, poverty and injustice? Building church confidence in engaging with the climate emergency – Christian Aid

We are in a climate emergency. Climate change is not a distant worry but a very present reality for those who have contributed the least to creating it. The world’s poorest communities are facing the devastating impacts of floods, droughts and storms right now. How do we as church leaders, politicians and business leaders across public life tackle the injustice of climate change and call for urgent action? This seminar seeks to build the confidence of church leaders to engage with the issues and to support their congregations as they wrestle with the injustice of this crisis.

Join us to explore the following questions: What is the impact of climate change on the most vulnerable communities around the world? What is the theological discourse that underpins this dialogue? What is a just response to this devastating crisis? How can we rally our congregations to respond?

The threat to liberal values and how the Church can save them – The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics

At the end of the Cold War, Francis Fukuyama claimed we had reached ‘the end point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.’ Yet a brief look at the world in 2020 reveals anything but. Without a clear ideological foundation for human equality, there is no guarantee that it will persist as a central element of human rights discourse. In this seminar we will examine the difficulties in finding a basis for human equality outside the Judeo-Christian tradition, arguing that without taking that tradition seriously we are at risk of losing our most cherished values.

Dr Calum Miller is a Christian ethicist and qualified medical doctor, as well as being an OCCA Research Fellow.

Church in a digital age: being a force for good – Premier

We are accustomed to the church being a force for good in society, contributing over 114 million volunteer hours to social action every year.

As so much of life is mediated through digital media, how is the church translating this impact to the online world? What does the church have to offer and where is there the most need? As society appears to become more polarised can the church be the common link for the common good?

This seminar will address what churches can do and are doing to serve the common good using digital media – with case studies, advice and practical tips.

Just communities: towards a future without food banks – The Trussell Trust

As food bank use continues to escalate across the UK, how much is too much? What role should the state and the voluntary sector play in responding to people’s basic needs? Christians have been instrumental in delivering food banks in the UK. What part might churches now play in addressing the drivers of increasing demand?

A panel discussion considering long-term solutions, hosted by the Trussell Trust as they embark on an ambitious strategy to reduce and ultimately end the need for food banks in the UK. Speakers to include: Danny Kruger, Conservative MP for Devizes, Stephen Timms, Labour MP for East Ham, and Annette Smith, Founder and Manager of Morecambe Bay Foodbank and Guardian Public Servant of the Year 2018. The discussion will be chaired by Emma Revie, Chief Executive of the Trussell Trust.

A ‘world vision’ for serving refugees – World Vision UK

Join World Vision UK to discuss how we serve the common good in the world’s largest refugee settlements and how the UK Government can serve the world’s most vulnerable children caught in the global refugee crisis.

A tour of the Palace of Westminster – led by a Parliamentary Guide

Additional events

The Bible as a tool for mission – Bible Society

10.30am-1.00pm (including lunch), Tuesday 23rd June (Westminster, venue TBC)

In building partnerships with the church we seek to listen, understand and support ministry challenges and needs. Come prepared to be encouraged and empowered as you seek to serve God’s people to engage in God’s mission locally.