General Introductions to Christianity, the Bible and Politics

  • Richard Bauckham, The Bible in Politics
  • John Stott, Issues facing Christians Today
  • William Wilberforce, A Practical View of Christianity
  • Nick Spencer and Jonathan Chaplin (ed.), God and Government
  • C. C. Pecknold, Christianity and Politics: A Brief Guide to the History
  • Timothy Laurence & Mike Ovey (eds), Good News for the Public Square: A Biblical Framework for Christian Engagement
  • Jim Wallis, God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It
  • Wayne Grudem, Politics According to the Bible


Christianity and Culture

  • Richard Niebuhr, Christ and Culture
  • James Davison Hunter, To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, and Possibility of Christianity Today
  • James K.A. Smith, Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview and Cultural Formation
  • Lesslie Newbigin The Gospel in a Pluralist Society
  • Lesslie Newbigin, Foolishness to the Greeks
  • Rowan Williams, Faith in the Public Square
  • David van Drunen Living in God’s Two Kingdoms
  • Kevin DeYoung & Greg Gilbert, What is the Mission of the Church?


Political Parties & Issues in Christian perspective

  • Joshua Hordern, One Nation but Two Cities: Christianity and the Conservative Party (PDF)
  • Paul Bickley, Building Jerusalem: Christianity and the Labour Party (PDF)
  • Stephen Backhouse, Experiments in Living: Christianity and the Liberal Democrat Party (PDF)
  • Jo Latham and Claire Mathys (eds) Liberal Democrats Do God
  • Guy Brandon, Votewise 2015: Helping Christians engage with the issues
  • Krish Kandiah, Just Politics
  • Andy Flannagan, Those Who Show Up


Political Theology

  • Luke Bretherton, Christianity & Contemporary Politics: The Conditions and Possibilities of Faithful Witness
  • Paul Vallely (ed.), The New Politics: Catholic Social Teaching for the Twenty-First Century
  • Oliver O'Donovan, The Desire of the Nations: Rediscovering the Roots of Political Theology
  • Oliver O’Donovan and Joan Lockwood O'Donovan, From Irenaeus to Grotius: A Sourcebook in Christian Political Thought 100-1625
  • Oliver O’Donovan and Joan Lockwood O'Donovan, Bonds of Imperfection: Christian Politics, Past and Present
  • Peter Scott & William Cavanaugh (eds), The Blackwell Companion to Political Theology
  • Stanley Hauerwas, The Peaceable Kingdom: A Primer in Christian Ethics
  • Robert Audi & Nicholas Wolterstorff, Religion in the Public Square: The Place of Religious Convictions in Political Debate
  • Charles Taylor, A Secular Age
  • James K. A. Smith, How (Not) To Be Secular
  • Malcolm Brown (ed.) Anglican Social Theology: Renewing the Vision Today
  • Robert A Markus, Christianity and the Secular