Joint Report of the Christians in Parliament APPG and the APPG on International Religious Freedom or Belief on the Persecution of Christians in Iran (March 2015)

A follow-up report to the previous report published in October 2012, which sought to assess what difference the election of President Rouhani had made to the situation facing Christians in Iran. It finds that the situation has not changed at all, despite the more open public rhetoric of the new President. As previously, evidence was taken from a range of individuals and organisations with expertise in this area, which built on the findings of the previous report.

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Faith in the Community (June 2013)

A follow-up to Clearing the GroundFaith in the Community surveyed local authorities on their engagement with faith groups, finding many areas of positive contact, but also barriers to good relationships. The report makes recommendations to local authorities so they can make the most of working with faith groups.

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Christians in Parliament All Party Parliamentary Group Report on the Persecution of Christians in Iran (October 2012)

An inquiry into the situation facing Christians in Iran, which took evidence from a range of individuals and organisations to show the level of religious persecution experienced Christians there.

Download The Persecution of Christians in Iran (2012)

Clearing The Ground (February 2012)

The Clearing the Ground inquiry was tasked with finding out the extent to which Christians’ religious freedom is respected in the UK. This was triggered after several high profile cases suggesting that British Christians are being marginalised.

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Faith in the Future (May 2008)

Published by Alistair Burt MP, Andy Reed MP, Caroline Spelman MP, Gary Streeter MP and Steve Webb MP, Faith in the Future set out to understand why, despite greater material wealth, a sense of human well-being has not been more widespread.

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